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 Its been a busy month with one thing or another. March started with some of our bikes having brake upgrades, MOTs and services, Rich had a puncture so had to replace his rear tyre. Myself and Col realised our rear tyres had been replaced by a newer model, but with still over half the tread left on the fronts, we didnt want to buy a new set. Luckily we managed to get hold of some new tyres the same as the ones we are taking off at a reduced price.  :)

The sharp eyed among you may have noticed the EDSBK logo has changed slightly, ED is now wearing a Union Jack helmet, supporting Great Britain.

  We have arranged the ''2012 Road Trip'', we decided to visit the Borders of Scotland and England, followed by a day in the Lake District so we could ride the A686 again, last years favourite road. This year Rich is joining us. This will be his first trip with us hopefully of many. He says his bike is doing over 50 mpgs, I think he is already starting the fighting talk tactics to win the eco challenge. Next we have to talk him into the two Ashwood Triangle timed events we will be holding over the biking season. I am still the current champion of those events.

  The weather has been kind to us over the month giving us 3 out of 4 bike weekends. Firstly Jon and I introduced Rich to a local route and the Cafe at Quatt, he is now looking forward to joining us for a few longer routes in April.
Its no good hiding on the road, your still in the picture

 We did the one tank, Wigmore back route, stopping at Doms on the A44 outside Leominster for a coffee. Good ride, good cake and good company, but Lous loos were out of order!

 Myself and Col on the last Sunday of the month decided we would go and ride the A483 Newtown to Crossgates route. This is a two tank route, the day started cold but dry and warmed up nicely until we crossed the border into Wales. There the fog was thick, and a few miles in stopped in a driveway to a house suitably called Foggy Bottom while we decide if we should go back to Englands warmer climate! We decided to carry on but were reduced to under 30mph until we reached Newtown. After refueling we thought we were gonna have a miserable ride along the 483, Col had his dark visor fitted and for the first 3 miles he says the corners could hardly be seen at all. During the first climb I noticed the fog was thinning and by the next bend it was nearly gone. The Sun was out with not a cloud in the sky. We certainly made the most of that for the next 19 miles!
 The cafe at Crossgate without a doubt, still serves the best coffee we know of, on any of our routes.
 Heading home we rediscovered our Sunday morning fix.

 Due to Aprils planned fuel strikes (booo!), who knows if we will be able to risk getting out on our two tank routes. Today I passed 2 garages that had completely ran out of Petrol and 1 where they had queues lasting upto 40 minutes and then the one I used I waited for 20 minutes so I could fill my bike with petrol. On a motorbike that only holds 150 miles worth of fuel its nice to know your destination is going to have some fuel so you to get back home.

The racing season starts properly on the first Sunday in April, and my motorbike Sundays resume fully. But the question is, can Rich improve on his double figure positions, can Jon stay inside the top 10, can Col catch Phill and can Phill keep it on the podium?


Rattlenhum said...

On what road is the Cafe you use in Bridgnorth? Do they do a good butty?

Phill said...

Its on the A442 between Bridgnorth and Bewdley. Sarnies are great!

MK Moto said...

stupid government creating panic about the fuel!

Phill said...

I dont think we have seen the last of this fuel panic, as soon as the Easter break is over the talks resume!

Phill said...

I dont think we have seen the last of this fuel panic, as soon as the Easter break is over the talks resume!

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