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 As biking goes this month has been our busiest of the year, mainly due to the EDSBK road trip to Galloway and Cumbria. As you can imagine from the weather 2012 is throwing at the UK we needed to wear our water proofs. When you consider we were away for 5 days and had 2 soakings and the forecast had been for 4 days of rain we didn't do so bad. The bikes have been fixed after the recent trials and troubles and you can read all about it in the previous 2 posts.
The 2012 Road Trip- Clatteringshaws Loch A712

 Myself and Col have had 3 other rides on the Sunday mornings through the month and Rich joined us for 1 of them. First we set off heading towards Ludlow, we went through a village called Neenton, minding our own business, where from under an umbrella an old woman shouted, ''Your riding too fast through the village!''
 We didn't understand her complaint though, we were taking it steady as it was chucking it down with rain and we were following a car that was doing less than 30 around a sharp bend! She still managed to wave a walking stick out in front of us causing us to have to stop, then she turned and walked away!
 It would be nice to know how fast she thought we were going, but don't suppose she will ever read this, or leave a comment!
 The week after, Rich came and we headed to Wales and the A483 trying a different route to get there via the B4355 through Knucklas. The road has the making of a good alternative route but is let down by the amount of loose gravel all over the place. On the way back we went via Tenbury to have a look at the floods.
The last ride of the month we did, the sun was out and it was like a proper Summers day. Myself and Col headed to the welsh A483 again, the sun bought lots of other bikes out. Unfortunately that meant the road was busy, there were road works going on which messed up our flow and then the coffee at the cafe didn't taste the same,oh! the disappointment.


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