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Nurburgring Bankrupt

  I've recently read that the Nurburgring is in financial trouble with a debt of around 400 million Euros and are asking the government for a bail out from tax payers money.
The area has been under development over the 5 years when we have visited and the improvements are most impressive, the shops and motor sports museum had opened shortly before our last visit in 2010. There is/was plans to make the area into a huge leisure park, unfortunately only a quarter of the expected visitor have attended leaving the area struggling, in debt with many jobs already lost. The government has already invested 330 Million Euros into the area and is now looking for help from private buyers. Even the boastful fastest roller coaster in the world has yet to be operated due to a lacking permit.

  On a more pleasing note I have read on a number of German websites that its highly unlikely that either the GP circuit or the Nordschleife track will come to an end as they both earn the region a very good income.  There are plans to sell off parts of the complex to private buyers, so owners may change but as long as the public are willing to pay to keep lapping the ring there will be someone interested in taking the money (the part we are mostly interested in going there for) .

  If you have never been to the Nurburgring and your into motorbike or car racing or just want to do a lap of a world famous GP circuit the Nurburgring is the place to go. Its set in the Black forest region of Eifel in Germany, surrounded by little villages, castles and hills.
 The original track was divided into 3 sections, the Nordschleife, the Sudchleife and the Zielschleife,
 Only the Nordschleife exists now and thats the 13 mile north loop which is now an unrestricted 1 way toll road. Its incredible to think that the place is allowed to run the way it does as you can go in/on whatever you like, go as fast as you like (which needs to be fast or you spend the whole lap watching in your mirrors) and risk everything as your not covered by your insurance, however theres not much more satisfying than on a warm Summers evening getting around a near deserted lap and topping it off by passing a super car down the long straight just before the finish and talking about it over a cool beer back in Adenau.

 The Sudschleife is the little known 7 miles long southern loop. Last time we went we did a lap of the remaining parts incase it was demolished completely. Part of the southern loop is the main road, but turning off through some rusty old gates you can find some of the original old tarmac which leads up the tree lined hill and back towards the new GP circuit, a must see for any Nurburgring fans.
 The Zielschleife was the much shorter finish loop or pit / stadium section which was demolished to make way for the various guises of the modern GP cuircuit.

Map showing the 3 original sections

 To find out more watch the video (German with English subtitles).


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