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 The internet is ripe with storys and predictions of an October Suprise, these range from world war 3, to terrorist attacks, UFO invasions, and US presidential mumbo jumbo, however I have an October Suprise!
  It comes in the fantasy league, I am now battling with Rich and Ryan for places on the podium, which only last month seemed unlikely. During the last Window Martin has confirmed he is the 2012 Champ, but 2nd and 3rd places are still to be sorted out. With 9 points between the 3 of us and all managers having different riders for the last 2 races, whos gonna come out the best?

  October has been a tale of tyres. Starting with Jon, he has decided that he has used his bike for the last time this year as, you guessed it, he needs a set of tyres. He is thinking of trying out a set of Michelin Pilots. During our last group ride out in September, Rich picked up a screw in the rear tyre which caused him to be off the road through out October, hes now had it fixed and is ready to go.
   My bike as always is ready to go when the weather is good enough for a Sunday morning ride to a biker cafe, I fancied a ride to Dom's Bike Stop in Leominster. Col wanted to join me so as the temperature has dropped quite noticeably we headed out about 10am on a Sunday morning towards Ludlow and Leominster.
 I dunno if it was the cold 3 degree temperature or me not feeling completely with it, but I seemed to struggle to get going and Col quickly disappeared down the road. Eventually I saw Col stopped in a layby waiting for me to catch up, so I stopped to thaw out and a chat. I had been riding with the visor slightly open to stop it misting up and now my lips felt as though they didnt properly fit on my face. While there we got talking about tyres so checked our bikes, both legal, but only just! We are both going to be needing front tyres very soon. Myself and Col are Pirelli fans so we plan to stick with the brand.

R1 and Fireblade at Doms.
Its not looking as cold as it was!

 We arrived at Dom's Bike Stop 15 miles later, patted the dog and drank 2 mugs of coffee allowing my lips to get back to normal. If you have never been to Doms its an unusual place, Ive not seen anywhere quite like it, its great! I was starting to feel back to normal as we headed home along the A44 and when Col got past me I gave the R1 a handful in all the right places to appear big in Cols mirrors !

 I dont know how often we will be able to get out over the coming cold months with one thing or another, but we do have a few things lined up.
 We plan to visit The 2012 Motorcycle live show 24 Nov - 2nd Dec
 The Results to the EDSBK Championship
 The Results to the Fantasy League Championship
 A report on some upgrades and riding in the winter.


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