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 Well, we all survived December 21st and the ''End of the World'' as predicted by the ancients, (NO i didnt mean you Rich).

The Results of the 2012 Survey have been published, click here or on the Best of Tab to view them.

 During December most of us managed to get out on the bikes for a ride. Rich took his Kawasaki out to blow away the cobwebs. Col and I went the long way round, to the Food Stop Cafe in Quatt. Jon started his bike to see if it worked and if the battery was flat but still needs to get some tyres as they have both had it.
 I wanted to test my new Sidi Vertigo boots. When leaving home the boots were very stiff and getting my foot to fit into the gap between the foot rest and the gear changer was almost a challenge in itself. The rubber sole of the boot is 4-5mm thicker than on my old boots and has a lot less flex.  After a while they softened up slightly and gear changes became a little easier, but I am going to adjust the gear changers position to help with this.
 Col and I both suffered with glare from a low Winters sun. Even with the built in dark sun visor it was tough seeing with the bright reflections on the damp roads. Since then I found sticking a piece of black tape across the top of the inner sun glasses is just enough to take some of the brightness and costs nothing.

The shadows show the low lying Sun at 11.30am
  Over a beer one night, the subject turned to Cols bike, which he has now owned for a decade. If you look at our Road Trip pages you will see he has the same bike for every trip we have been on. He is still contemplating a change (for the 6th year) but would want another Blade, the 2004 version. Jon and Me still think he will have this same bike this time next year, which no matter how you look at it, is a nice bike, still attracts a lot of attention when parked up at any bike meets and has just had a fair bit of cash spent on it having a number of parts replaced as they were worn out, so runs and handles like new.

  Currently we have started planning our 2013 trip. We have some dates in mind and a few destinations to pick from. I think due to the weather in 2012 being on the wet side we have almost ruled out the UK for this year.


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