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R1 Numberboards

One fine Sunday morning at the cafe, a chap came over to me to ask if I had got a spare passenger seat or seat cover as he had just lost his that morning. I couldn't help the guy but looked over to where he was pointing to see his bike, a red R1 the exact same model as mine, the only difference was it had some white panels around the rear seat and on the front fairing around the headlights, and the seat was missing. I looked into the under seat compartment and asked if he had already ate his sandwiches, he laughed and said nothing had fell out yet!

 On return home I kept thinking about the white panels on the back of his bike and convinced myself how great my bike would look with the same set. After trawling the internet, I gave up looking as I didnt know what they were called, who made them and couldn't find anything that looked the same. A few weeks later I saw a sticker set boasting it had rear number boards, a quick Google search later and I was onto something. The stickers the guy had were the same as the Demon Graphix set I had found on Ebay, so as I had just had a bonus I bought the rear set called number boards for £50
 They arrived a few days later and I stuck them in position, and now it gives a more racey look to the bike.
The logo at the end says ''R series ''
R1 With Numberboards 

 If you decide you want a set, they are easy to fit. All you need to do is clean the section where they are going and remove any dirty marks or other stickers.
 Next you will need to borrow the wife's hair dryer. If you have the same hair style as me, she will probably give you a funny look, and even if you have a full head of hair, no doubt ask the question:- Where are you going with that? 
The garage, was probably not the best answer to give her but it was accurate... 
 Once you have then took the wife most prized possession the hair dryer back upstairs and dropped it out of the upstairs window onto something soft you can get back to attatching the stickers.
 The panel needs to be warmed up for the glue to stick at its best. I heated the plastic area around the passenger seat until it felt warm to the touch and lined up the sticker so that it left a similar sized gap all the way around just resting it in place, you have time to pull the sticker off and re apply if it goes off target, but try to get it right first time. Once your happy with the position, get a soft rag and press down on the sticker making sure to push any trapped air bubbles out to the sides. Then leave it for a few minutes to stick.
 The sticker comes with 2 smaller panels that should attatch to the plastic seat cowl if you use one but I prefered to stick mine underneath as you can see in the picture.


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