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Colder than it looks

The first weekend in January Jon suggested we have a ride out to the cafe in Quatt just so he could replace his going stale petrol that had been in the bike for the last couple of months, Myself and Col always willing to take the bikes out agreed it was a good plan. Rich was on nights again so said he couldn't join us for this one.
 On Sunday morning they both arrived at my house in need of a squirt of chain lube, the Sun even decided to join us, throwing a bit of heat into the rather chilly morning and temperatures soared up to about 6 degrees.  We set of towards Telford and Ironbridge a route we like that feels as though your miles away. We arrived at the cafe facing quite a big turn out of bikes and took our place in the queue for a coffee, listening to people moaning about cold hands, this is when Col told us about a motorbike he had seen for sale at a local dealer and wondered if we would go and look at it on our way back. 

 The bike looked good, very good. Low mileage, nice colour and in excellent condition. Col had some thinking to do.
 The following week over a beer Col informed me he had bought the bike! I almost fell off the chair as he and his old Fireblade had been together for 10 years, and every road trip we have been on that partnership has never changed. He was to collect it the following weekend. 
 The Snow had other plans, dumping 5-6 inches over the West Midlands on the Friday, so the weekend came and went and the collection date was put back a week.
 Still with Snow on the ground Col couldn't wait any longer, went and collected his new motorbike, and the following day I joined him for the first ride, be it a cool one still with snow here and there along the lanes.

 Col has bought a 2004 Honda Fireblade. First impressions are very good, and a feature on the bike will follow shortly.

First photo of Cols Fireblade

 I decided my bike needed some upgrades over the winter. So I have bought a new exhaust replacing the standard one. It is a Pipewerx can which is 2/3rd shorter, almost half as heavy, quite a few decibels louder and a whole lot shinier than the original.  
 I am pleased with the look and sound, especially with the decibel killer taken out. 

  Myself and Col have been testing inner gloves when on our winter rides, neither of us has suffered with cold hands since using them. The extra layer does tend to make the motorbike  controls more awkward to use and especially when trying to use the vent switches on our crash helmets as the switch is so small. 
 So we agree in our tests inner gloves work well at keeping warmth in your fingers when the outside temperature ranges from -2 to 10 degrees. (wind chill taken into account)

Wish you were here?
 We will be soon!

Finally, the Everyday Superbikes 2013 road trip has been booked up. We are headed for the Black forest in Germany and the infamous Schwarzwald Hochstrasse or B500 as it is officially known. described as one of the best roads in Germany by many motorbikers as it has many bends and goes for miles. This followed by 2 days by the Nurburgring and of course a lap or 2 of the circuit while we are there. Col,Jon Rich and Me have booked up, cant wait! 


Rich said...

Looks smart Col
:ppk forward to seeing it properly

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