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 The Spring was due to start in March, but nobody told the weather and we had 6 inches of snow that lasted for weeks. So unable to go riding for 3 of the 5 weekends in March I decided to change the oil and filter and fit a sump plug with a built in magnet and change the engine coolant.
  Col and me have had the bikes M.O.T'd and now we are set for the new biking season. Rich says his bike is ready to go and Jon's bike is still stuck in the back of the garage in need of tyre's and a wash, no doubt!

  We have managed to get out on the bikes, but temperatures were low. Even inner gloves didn't stop the biting cold these times. The first ride of the month saw a high of 3 degrees so by the time we had gone the long way to the Cafe in Bridgnorth we decided after a coffee we had been far enough and went back home the quick way.
 The next 3 weeks were no good for riding so on one of them we paid a visit to the bike shop to get supplies.
 We always class Easter Sunday as the first chance of a big ride on a Sunday, normally planning a trip out to Wales to go on the A483 and cover some miles, not this year though, Easter Sunday was in March rather than April as usual. So we braved the cold once more. The sun was out and the sky was blue, at home the snow had melted and the temperature was up to 6 degrees, which we can put up with, unfortunately 25 miles away the snow was still around 12 inches thick and some snow drift were up to 4 ft tall, but the road was clear and dry. You could feel the temperature had dropped significantly so we again headed back to Bridgnorth and to the cafe to warm up.
  We swapped bikes for some of the journey. I was looking forward to having a go on Cols new blade and it didn't disappoint, there is lots of power and the riding position felt almost perfect. When we stopped I said the suspension seemed a little soft for me, and compared to my R1, the way the power was delivered was different. On the R1 6th gear will happily pull from 30mph, but the  Blade needed you to drop down to 5th for the same amount of torque.
  Col agreed, so we are looking on the internet for some suspension setup data to try and improve it.

This was the only lay-by we could get in, that wasn't blocked by snow.
 The race season starts properly in April and then the proper biking Sundays begin for Months, cant wait.


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