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 During April Col and I managed to get out for most of the Sunday mornings covering slightly bigger distances than in March due to better temperatures even though it was still cooler than we'd like.
Jon still has the Gixer locked away in the garage and Rich needs to wait for mid May before he can make it due to other commitments.
 We made our first trip of the year to Dom's cafe in Leominster and was greeted by old Sam the farm dog who came from the cafe area to the bike park to see us. His getting on a bit now but always manages to muster enough energy to come for a bit of sandwich and a stroke.

    Col when getting used to his new Fireblade decided the setup wasn't right. After searching online he found a site that recommended some numbers, so one Saturday afternoon I went round to help and we set about changing the suspension settings, they still seemed a little on the soft side so we added a couple of turns to stiffen up the rear and slow the front rebound. He finds it a lot better, getting some impressive leans going through the corners.
 The following week the weather was slightly warmer so we left out the inner gloves and went the long way round to the cafe at Bridgnorth before the rain came down and we went back home.

Top of Camphill

    The weekend after the weather forecast was reasonably warm and promised to stay dry, so we did our first ride along the B4364 a local favourite of ours that goes from Bridgnorth to Ludlow the back way over  the Clee Hills. Theres a corner at the top of the hill just outside the villiage of Burwarton and since last year has a bump that gives the bike a real thump as you go over it at above 50 mph. It was cold up on the top and my mind kept turning to the inner gloves in my pocket, eventually I had to give in and put them back on before heading back to Bewdley for a warming coffee.
 We are looking forward to May to get some sunshine and hopefully all 4 of us out together.


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