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 Holiday season was upon us so the bike had to spend a few weeks on its own in the garage. Once I was back Col and me took advantage of the warmer weather and headed off to Doms for a coffee and to see Sam his dog.
 The route took us from Bewdley along the B4194 a road we call the switch back to the far side of Stourport, this road climbs over a few hills runs along the side of the river Severn twists around the fields and leaves you with a smile on your face.
Neen Savage layby

 We turned left at the end of the road heading along the A451 to Great Whitley and then on another twisty B road the B4203 towards Bromyard. We joined the A44 and followed it to Doms. We could hardly beleive our eyes when we got on the bike park it was almost full. Even Doms water boiler couldn't cope with the demand for coffee's and tea's!
Sam the dog still managed to get around to all the tables getting a bit of sausage or bacon if he starred at the customers long enough!
Full House at Doms

  Dom's has always been an interesting place, its a caravan by a wooden shed with picnic tables scattered around, stuck behind what looks like the remains of an old garden centre.
  Over the last 12 months he has been adding features such as a toilets, now instead of the men using a cubicle in the ladies toilet we have our own new mens room, at present its still a little continental in style!
Edit:- there is now a toilet cubical!

 We headed back along one of  Jons favourite roads, the A456, unfortunately Jon had stayed home and Rich was on holiday so missed it.
  We are planning a few more rides before we start loosing the better weather. We want to ride over the mountain to Bala, visit the coast and get another ride down the A483. This might be the last ride on the A483 as it is, only the Newtown council have agreed to run a by-pass around the town unfortunately tarmacing over some of my favourite bit of the 483 :(  Work looks due to start in Spring 2014.
Look out for a future post about it.

 Carl headed to Cadwell park an has done some excellent photo's see some below, I ll try to get a link to them all.

Josh Brookes and James Ellison inflight. There must be a photo somewhere of Carl and the back of these bikes judging from the amount of cameras the spectators have.


Josh bosh said...

Nice bikes guys when are you gonna do a feature on that fireblade?

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