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September / October

  Its been a while since we headed over to the A483, mostly due to the early starts we need to get there and the last few times we went it had been heavy with traffic, but Col and me didn't want to write it off in to the EDSBK history section just yet.
 As part of the last big ride of 2012 we had visited the the A483, with both Jon and Rich and tagged on an extra bit, staying on the A483 down to Bulith Wells turning left onto the A481 then left again onto the A44 before going to the cafe for dinner. Col had been talking about going there again especially the A481 section as it had been quite entertaining, twisting through the landscape and over the hills.

A481 has some nice sections (picture from google maps)
 A few weeks ago we decided to have an early start and combine the usual A483 section with the extra bit we had discovered last year. We continued along the A483 at Crossgates and headed through Llandidrod Wells staying on the A483 heading down towards Bulith Wells, this section of the A483 is as good as the Newtown - Crossgates section having lots of corners to contend with. Some recently laid shale grip almost caused me to high side as I was a bit early on the throttle trying to keep up with Col. The road decends through the wooded section at Upper llanelwedd which reminded me of  part of the B500 we had been on in Germany. We turned Left onto the A481 and were greeted by the Biker beware sign, which normally means the road is going to be good.
   It starts to be good from the roundabout and lasts just under 10 miles. This road is good for twisty sections, climbs and has plenty of overtake opportunities, but there is quite a lot of farms and tractors along there and a village called Hundred House with a 40mph speed limit through it. After the village the terrain becomes much hillier and the road has some tight corners as it climbs up towards where it meets the A44. Turning left onto the A44 brings you out just before an excellent section of twisty bends and fresh tarmac.
 We turned onto the Knighton road at Pennybont and stopped to talk about the extra loop which is set to become a more regular route.

  Just when we thought that for the rest of this year it was going to be only Col and me out on Sunday mornings, Jon asked if we were going out. He turned up on his GSXR to a slightly foggy morning and we headed off towards Leominster and Dom's for a coffee. He hasn't ridden his bike since our trip to Germany back in July and Col pointed out he had no road Tax, He went back home and fitted it as it had arrived a few weeks earlier and met us at he garage to fill up with petrol. His bike looked in need of some polish but the last wash it had had on the return from our road trip had removed all of the dead flies at least. It was nice to have him there with us again, he always brings a laugh to the chats we have over a coffee and we hope he is going to make it more of a regular thing again.
  (Also its nice to see a blue bike in the photos)

 We have 1 big ride planned for the end of October hopefully we can go to Bala or Barmouth on the coast or even do both if time and the weather lets us.


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