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   For this years last big ride out, we decided to do an old favourite of ours the B4391 or as we call it the mountain road to Bala. We met with 2 other riders, R6 rider Lou and Z1000 rider Steve.
  First stop was the Treasure Trove mobile Cafe just outside Wenlock Edge on the A458 for a coffee and sandwich. The sun was shinning and temperatures on the warmer side of cool so we headed to Shrewsbury to join the A5. We turned off to the left and through the Village of Knockin, and past the Knockin shop in the village centre, before heading to Llangynog for our next leg stretch.
   The B4391 starts to get good as you leave the village and cross the cattle grid, it climbs for about 3/4 mile and the drop to your left increases to be quite a large one. The Road itself is mostly open, giving clear views of where its going, however it has a few hidden tight corners. It follows the contour of the hills and you come to the first hairpin. It weaves across the top of the hill until you cross another cattle grid then descends down under the trees and into a sharp hairpin near the bottom of the hill. The road then doubles back again and opens for some faster riding until Bala lake comes into view.
  The road has recently had a fresh surface of tarmac, making it one hell of a fun road. We commented on how much better it would have been in the summer with out the damp sections and wet leaves.
 Once at Bala we headed for the parking at lake, the wind was strong a was whipping up the waves.

We filled up with fuel in the old style filling station on the foot path then stopped for a coffee before heading home via Llangollen. 



Rich said...

I hope you did this on a Sunday if not where was my invite ??

Phill said...

Wednesday in Half term week, I asked you but you were away??

Steve said...

Had a great ride and me and Lou look forward to more in 2014, Steve

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