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Spring is here

We have a new line up for 2014 at EDSBK, Starting with...................

The Unveiling

I am glad its red at the top, it reminds me of the R1

 After 7 years to the day of owning the Yamaha R1 I decided it was time for a change. After riding Cols bike on a couple of occasions I was impressed with the slightly bigger feel and a more upright position. I saw this bike in Streetbike, took it for a test and that was it... I had to have it. Its 12 months newer than my R1 has done half the mileage and so far looks and goes great. I have a few changes to make thats planned over the next few months.
Bye Bye R1, Thanks for all the fun we had.

First ride of 2014

  I wanted to take the bike for a good run on its first ride, so suggested to Col we had a trip to Dom's. I woke up to a sunny morning and the forecast said Spring had arrived. Col informed me that on Facebook it said Dom's was closed, so last minute we changed the route and headed to the cafe at crossgates and the A483. Good plan!
   We met Steve and Louise and then 2 other guys and made our way over there.
 I thought the Fireblade felt great. The suspension felt good, with just a possible tweak required, the power was a definite increase from the R1 and grip felt good. I seem to have gone backwards when cornering around right hand corners though, I am not sure why that is. I just don't seem to be able to lean into them like I could at the end of last year. This has been a problem I have had before and hope its just me getting used to the new bike. The seat was much harder than the R1 which became noticeable after an hours riding but it wasn't uncomfortable.
 We left Steve and Louise at the cafe as they wanted to head of to the coast and made our way back home.

Col has had the bottom of his bike painted black, it looks great.

Rich has took his ZX636 out for its first ride of the year. After the winter his battery was flat, but the run did it good and its running fine now.

Jons GXR is in bits in the garage it has a buckled wheel and brake problem. He is having Mark check it over before taking it on the first ride of 2014. This first ride will probably be the trip we have organised in July!

Planned Rides for 2014

Aberystwyth  A44
Bala   B4391
Brecon   A4069
Moffat (area)
Newtown A483 - A481 - A489

Other News

The A483 is to be altered to make way for a by-pass around Newtown. For the towns folk this is a much needed route and will relieve traffic congestion. Believe me I have witnessed this congestion first hand in my days driving a truck.
  However from looking at the 2 maps below, as a bike rider it looks like we will loose a short section of about 4 of the tight twisty corners towards the start, but gain a better access road from the A489.
 Work has been pushed back to start in 2015.

 See below the planned routes


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