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Summer 2014

 Summer has been nice weather wise this year, giving a reasonable amount of warm and dry Sundays which we have took advantage of.
 Col and I discovered a few new reasonable roads in Worcestershire, the best being the B4214 which had plenty of closed twists and turns but not what you would call a fast road.

  Matt was selling one of his ABBA superbike stand's so I to save a space in my garage I thought I would buy it. What a great bit of kit they are, much easier to use than the old paddock stand I had and the bike feels steady and safe when in use. The stand comes with 2 main leg pieces, a threaded T bar and thumb screw, you also need to buy the adapters that fit your bike.
   First the L shaped leg is put under the bike, then the second leg is attached to the L shape. Next attach to the hole in the frame where the swing arm pivot bolt runs through and tighten the thumb screw. Turn the T bar so the stand is locked to the bike.
   Once its properly attached pull the handle and the bike lifts up!

   In August we booked off a day that the weather forecasters couldn't make their minds about. Some were saying a scattering of showers and others said that rain would come over in the early eveing, so we took the chance it was going to be good long enough for a day out.
  Matt asked if he and his mate Ben could come as well. Since last time we saw them they have both changed their motorbikes and bought Honda Fireblades.
 So it was a Fireblade day out.
   Ben has the 2005 model and Matt the 2010 model. We waited in the usual layby for them to arrive, the sun was out and it was already hot so we were stood in the shade 20 minutes later they were there.
  We had planned this trip to go to Aberystwyth, so set off towards Bridgnorth and got split up in the first 15 minutes, Matt took a wrong turn and we lost him for 10 minutes and then when he found us he needed fuel. We knew a garage in Craven Arms so headed there. The sky was starting to get very dark towards Wales so before heading too deep into Wales we decided to eat and see what the weather was going to do, then Ben had to go home.
 The skies were now darker and it didnt look very promising so not to completely waste the day Col suggested the A483.
   Unfortunately the rain came over earlier than predicted and as we were on our way from Newtown along the A483 to the cafe the heavens opened and the soaking began. We arrived at the cafe damp, had a coffee then got soaked through on the way home riding in a mixture of heavy rain, drizzle and fog giving poor visibility, it was not only a wet ride but also an uncomfortable and slow one.
   We stopped on top of the Clee hill for a quick chat and a photo, our leathers were nearly double the usual weight our gloves had turned our hands black, the insides of our helmet's was damp, the bikes went well but looked shitty from the crap that was on the roads and we were not having a fun time.

 The leathers were still wet the following Sunday so we didn't go out.

 The weekend after Col and I went over to Bala to ride the B4391.

  This road nearly always lets us down, the forecast was good, the RAC route planner said the road was open so we were expecting perfection, The last few times we visited this stretch of tarmac we have suffered road works, re surfacing, farm traffic, Police speed checks, or fog with heavy rain and on one occasion it was totally closed.  Only once have we made the trip and it was perfect, but again this was not that day. The road had recently been covered with loose chippings, but only for a half mile section, the rest of the road was quite good.
   We stopped for a coffee in one of the many street side Cafe's in Bala then headed south, finding the A470 over mount Dinas and then the  A458 back towards Welshpool.
  We rode some great roads but heavy with traffic making the going a bit slower than our usual pace. Definately a destination to visit again.

Rich came with us for 1 ride, but needed a tyre afterwards as it was bald! Jon hasn't used his bike since we came back from Scotland.

  With Autumn starting this week, the distance rides will becoming fewer but the biking season is not over for this year yet!


a1autotransport, inc. said...

Nice weather = more riding for us :)

Phill said...

Yeah just watch for damp leaves and head for any blue bits of sky!

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