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Autumn / Winter

  Its that time of year again where you need to check the thermometer and look for 8 degrees or more, if it is then dig out thick socks, inner gloves and thermal neck warmers. 

   Col and I have been out on the bikes when we can on Sunday mornings, but Jon, Rich and Matt haven't been able to make it so often over the last few months.  

  For the last ride of the summer we headed to Shobdon airport, a place recommended to us by someone Col knows. The roads were quiet, the weather warm and the leaves still on the trees. It took a while to find the cafe there but we both like the planes and there was plenty of flying action going on to keep us entertained for the hour we spent there.

Shobdon Airfield
   The road we used to get back home was an old favourite the B4364, this has some great sweeping bends and enough to keep you busy between faster sections.

   For the next few rides that we managed to get out on, a clear change to the season was noticable, the leaves had started falling from the trees and the roads were covered by a constant damp layer.  Also this was the point at which inner gloves would make good sense as temperatures had dropped below the magic 10 degrees which we prefer for our longer rides.

 We decided the Wenlock route would be good for the lower temperature finding some fun along the B4363 with its 3 hairpins and undulating slopes.
  One of the weekends started out fine and sunny but we ended up caught in fog which made for a shorter and miserable ride, but there had been quite a few make the effort to go to the cafe in Bridgnorth.

Bike Show at Birmigham NEC 

  The last week of November the Motorcycle live was on at the NEC in Birmingham and Col and I went for a look. Col booked our tickets online saving us some money for our day out. We headed straight for our favourites Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki but got distracted by Kawasaki and the new H2 they had on display. 
 The race version we first looked at looks kind of ugly but brutishly handsome at the same time. It has bits of plastic sticking out of the sides of the lower front fairing and where the mirrors go like wings from a formula 1 car, the panels were all carbon fibre but very angled and pointy, then the frame is of the trellis type. From the front it made me thing of a Storm trooper from Star Wars. However there is something that makes you want to keep looking at it.  
  The road going version didn't look quite so interesting with the big flaired exhaust pipe and single headlight, but i am sure after market bits will make it more appealing.

The H2R  (track version)

 They had one link to a dyno tester on display and a guy from Kawasaki told us it has been measured at having 326bhp! The Kawasaki guys then ran it to show us what it sounded like. AWESOME! I cant wait to try one out one day.
  I picked up a deal on SBS brake pads, I bought the front sets and had the rear set thrown in for free.
 Also Datatag had an offer were you can register yourself on the Datatag Ice system. Then if you are involved in an accident, help can scan the sticker attached to your helmet and they can find out who you are and info you have entered.

  We are in the initial stages of planning next years road trip, after speaking to the guys at Roadshuttle when at the bike show we have added a suprise entry to the list which is getting us excited, we have narrowed it down to 3 destinations. 
 1 Geneva and the Swiss Alps using the road shuttle
 2 The Pyrenees hiring a van
 3 Somewhere in the UK just on the bikes

 I also needed tyres but used a local motorcycle shop to supply and fit the tyres at a very reasonable price. It was the 1st time i had removed the wheels from the Fireblade and they were easy to do. I used the Abba stand which makes access to the chain and brakes easy as the support leg is well out of the way.
 The following day i went to scrubb in the tyres, well I say scrubb it was more like wash them in as the roads were soaked for 80% of the ride. 

New Tyres, Wet Road, Arse Twitching!


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Theres not a sportsbike rider on this planet that wouldnt donate his plums for medical experiments to have a go on that Kawasaki H2...

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