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2015 line up changes

 The years almost out as I sit here writing this post in the last weekend in November.
Myself, Col and Matt have plans to visit Motorcycle live at Birmingham's NEC in the next few weeks  mostly to check out the latest bikes and get some ideas for next years trip abroad, but as far as riding goes the years as good as done.


 This year Matt has changed his CBR Fireblade after deciding it was the unluckiest bike he has owned. In the summer he came with us planning to go along the A483 as he wanted to take the blade on a dry run along one of our favourite roads.
 The forecast said "chance of rain in the afternoon - heavy at times", the odds looked in our favour as we were out in the morning. Somewhere along the boarder of England and Wales Matt ran over a Nail which stuck into his tyre damaging it beyond repair and making a 3-4cm gash in the rear hugger.    The rain came earlier than forecast and soaked him to the skin. The breakdown company took 11 hours to get him home so he wanted rid of the Blade as i rained everytime he rode it and almost gave up motorbikes completely.
 Two or three weeks later he had part exchanged the Fireblade for his all time favourite sports bike, the BMW S1000rr.

What a machine - the sound even with the factory fitted pipes makes you want to play with the throttle position all the time, it has heated grips, the ride position is perfect, it looks great and does lots of things in the back ground such as engine mappings and suspension.

Phill, Col

Honda Fireblades cooling in the 34 degree heat of Geneva
 Myself and Col still have the 2004 Honda Fireblades. We have ridden them in all weathers this year. On one ride along the A483 the rain was that heavy that we were forced to ride at 20mph and through water upto 15cm deep and along a main road that resembled a muddy river as mud from the fields washed across our path. It took 2 weeks for our leathers to dry out and left the helmets smelling not very nice.
 We have been out to the cafe on a 4-5degree run out in February and then in 37 degress heat in Annecy France, the bikes never missed a beat in any of these conditions.


  Rich has also upgraded to a litre sportsbike from his Kawasaki 636.
He has bought a 2006 Honda Fireblade. It looks like a mixture of both Col's and mine pinching some colour from both.
 For its first outing he wanted to trial it along the A483. We got to the cafe after a particularly good run along it, with a nice dry road surface and little traffic to cause us a problem. He had a smile on his face that said " I like this!"
  His 2006 Blade is the facelift version of the 2004 bikes Col and I have, with a few minor changes to engine performance and the fairing as far as we can see.

2006 model to left, the fairing is major difference to look at.


Jon SORN his bike for most of the year, but managed to appear once with his GSXR on a day when we had planned to have a night out in South Wales on the Breacon Beacons. Unfortunately he forgot to book the following day off so we turned it into a normal Sunday ride to our disappointment.
This is the only time he has had it out the garage, cleaned it or rode the GSXR this year.
 I managed to get a photo of the time it happened.
 Unfortunately this year mainly because of Jon we haven't all been on out the same ride.

So the current line up of Everday Superbikes is:-

 Phill - Honda CBR 1000rr
Col    - Honda CBR 1000rr
Rich  - Honda CBR 1000rr
Matt  - BMW S1000rr
Jon    - Suzuki GSXR 1000


The Biker said...

I'll go for Kawasaki 636. My cousin got one and I had good experience riding with such engine. By the way, the CBR Fireblade is a true monster, depends on how you ride.

Phill said...

Yes the Kawasaki is a great bike that feels bigger than it is, they look good too.

Taylor said...

Kawasaki is one of my favorite motorcycle too. Quite envious of your collection!

Taylor said...

I do love these motobike they are just so amzing, but it hard for me to buy one, so i just customize one from my old honda, its really nice if you have look at it

Phill said...

Glad you like them Taylor, they are fun to ride.

Fishinghuntingcenter said...

Great post

Richard Tunner said...

I’m in love with Kawasaki 636 just because my uncle got one and he usually give me a ride on this amazing bike.
I love the sound of the engine and be surprising of its machine strength.

Harold G. Sizemore said...

I think I like Kawasaki. Honda just good not excellent.

James L. Buller said...

They are amazing bikes. I really like these kinds of motor, especially Honda Fireblade. Its apperance looks like a locust. Very strong and smooth.

Johnny K. Armstrong said...

So amazing! Have always been a fan of Honda. Been saving up to have one of those.

Steve Owen said...

Each of you has a cool bike that everyone desires, and i think the collection will increase. The important thing is all of you always happy with them, that's the thing not everyone can do. Wish i could be like you someday.

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