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Eco Challenge

Every year while on our road trip we do an Eco Challenge. This means everytime we fill up with fuel I have to write down how many litres of fuel each of us drew.
 The fuel used ranged from 55.1 MPG to as low as 36.4 MPG over the 6 days.
We all took the same amount of luggage and used the same Oxford Hump Back soft luggage.
 Our trip was 905 miles which included a good mixture of roads and steep hills, a fair bit of stops to take photos, eat, drink, repair and dry off. 400 Miles were on Motorways and the rest A or B class roads.


Col on the Honda Fireblade with a 900cc engine recorded the best MPG at 55.1, this is down to the combined weight of the bike and rider being the lightest which gives a good power to weight ratio. He averaged 48MPG over the trip. His average MPG when wearing his waterproofs dropped by 4MPG

Rich with the Kawasaki ZX636 a 600cc machine got 52.7MPG at best and averaged 47.6MPG over the trip.His average MPG when wearing his waterproofs dropped by 1 MPG

Phill with the Yamaha R1 a 1000cc machine got 50.8MPG at best but averaged 45.3MPG over the trip.His average MPG when wearing his waterproofs dropped by 2.5 MPG

Jon on the Suzuki GSXR another 1000cc machine got 48.7MPG and averaged 43.6MPG over the trip.His average MPG when wearing his waterproofs dropped by 3 MPG

Ed is the average of the 4 of us.

 For 3 journeys we were wearing waterproof over suits, which have a lot of loose fitting areas and flapage, when on these journeys the bikes average MPG dropped by 1-4 MPG.

 This year I have scored it in the same method as the Olympics, counting the amount of Golds, Silvers and Bronzes for the 5 catergories below.

  • Average MPG
  • Best MPG
  • Tolerance (The difference between best and worst MPG)
  • Best MPG compared to MCNs figure
  • Difference between biggest and smallest amount of litres bought

                                         Gold            Silver        Bronze
Best Average MPG           Col              Rich          Ed
Best MPG                         Col              Rich          Ed
Tolerence                          Ed               Phill           Jon
Better than MCN              Rich             Phill           Ed
Difference between fill ups Col              Ed             Phill

 Col - Honda Fireblade  3x Gold    0x Silver    0 x Bronze
 Rich - Kawasaki 636    1x Gold    2x Silver    0 x Bronze
 Ed - LAW of Average  1x Gold    1x Silver    3 x Bronze
 Phill - Yamaha R1         0x Gold    2x Silver    1 x Bronze
 Jon - Suzuki GSXR       0x Gold    0x Silver    1 x Bronze


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