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Ultimate Roads

Ever been down a road and thought, I want to do that again?
The kind of road that puts a big smile on your face?
Well these are some of our favourite roads, they always put a smile on our faces and give us weeks of talking when out for a beer. So if your in the area, these roads come with an EDSBK recommendation.
(Now if I could just find away to link them altogether!)
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D436 - Gex -St Claude
15 Miles which links onto the D1005 to Gex giving anothe 10 perfect Miles. We stumbled on this route as the road we wanted was closed. The road goes up and over the Jura Mountains, some tight corners and faster sweeping bends. Freshly tarmaced so was like a race track. We rode it in 37 degree heat which made it too hot not to keep moving. Top road!
Road 5/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 4/5 Scenery 4/5 Traffic 4/5 91%

Saint Bernards Pass - Italy and Switzerland
36 miles we did eachway. The road was used at the start of the film The Italian Job. The Italian side was much better Tarmac and more impressive for views. The Bends seemed to go on for ever and you could feel the temperature drop to a nice bearable 20 degrees at the top. Lots of tourist traffic.
Road 5/5  Stretch 5/5 Destination 5/5 Scenery 5/5 Traffic 4/5 96%

Schwarzwald Hochstrasse B500 - Baden Baden - Fruedenstadt - Germany
26 miles in total, but 10 Miles from Seebach - the Hotel Alexandershanze (the best bit) has some of the most well engineered curves that hold a constant radius. We were told this bit of road was built for the German Police to practice high speed riding and tit was commissioned by Adolf Hitler. We rode this section 4 times, what a great road!
Road 4/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 5/5 Scenery 5/5 Traffic 3/5 88%
The B500

A483 - Newtown - Crossgates, Wales
23 Miles of twisty tarmac with corners ranging from sharp to long and sweeping with hardly any villages and only a single 30mph section. It runs from Newtown in Wales,south to Crossgates roundabout and a short distance to the left gets you to Crossgates Garage with the Cafe Express, home of our favourite coffee! From there head in any direction and the road is a good one.
Road 5/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 4/5 Scenery 4/5 Traffic 5/5 89%
A483 runs around the bottom of these hills

 A686 - Penrith - Hartside pass,  Cumbria . See video
 A 5 mile stretch of bends linked by very few short straight sections, not a fast road but keeps you busy, climbing to a height of over 1900 feet ending at Hartside Top Cafe - Englands highest cafe. A must if in the area. EDSBK best road of 2011
 Road 5/5   Stretch 3/5   Destination 5/5   Scenery 4/5   Traffic 5/5   88%
They do Mars Bar Cakes here!

A44 - Worcester - Aberystwyth, England -Wales
90 miles. The A44 is a ride in itself. Wherever you join it, you can expect something good within a few miles. Our favourite bits are between Worcester and Leominster,Kington and Crossgates Garage and Llangurig and the turn off to Devils Bridge. Not too much traffic running along it on Sunday mornings and has plenty of pacing places between the good bits.
Road 5/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 3/5 Scenery 5/5 Traffic 4/5 87%

A712 and A702 Galloway Forest, Scotland
58 miles. The route starts on the A712  from Newton Stewart through New Galloway, Thornhill and ends up at Junction 14 on the A74(M). It was recommended by the Buccleuch Arms Hotel in Moffat as a route they use. The scenery was a mixture of forest, lochs, green hills and mountains. It links at Thorn New Galloway with the A702 which gives more of the same. If your in the area its not to be missed.
Road 4/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 4/5 Scenery 5/5 Traffiic 5/5 86%
By Clatteringshaws Loch on A712
A684 - Hawes - Kendal, Yorkshire Dales

25 miles long. We used the A684 as a way from Scarborogh to Kendal, with a bonus ride on the Butter Tubs Pass. The Butter Tubs Pass turned out to be a nice place to see, but we didnt think much of the road as most of it was covered in gravel or slate,rocks and sheep, however, the A684 from Hawes to Kendal was a brilliant accidental find. The road twists alot as it follows the bottom of the valley along so is fairly flat with stone walls right onto the edge of the tarmac. Very scenic
Road 5/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 3/5 Scenery 4/5 Traffic 5/5 85%

 (L10 and 258) -Adenau-Dollendorf,Germany,Black Forest
24 km. The roads go from a short climb twisting through the Black Forest onto an open section through some farm land, speeds range from fast to moderate and hard on the brakes for a couple of tight bends. We didnt see another vehicle on the journey back from the Nordschleife to Sliders on the 3 journeys we did along there. Amazing fun probably as good as a lap of the track. A couple of junctions along the way though. Why do the Germans have to have it? EDSBK best road of 2010
Road 4/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 4/5 Scenery 3/5 Traffic 5/5 84%
Adenau is through the trees

L166 Kestermich - Rurberg
The L166 is a very nice twisty road decending the hills down to the Rurberg lakes. Its like a little version of Switerland, and there is a place for a drink on the edge of the lake. Very tranquill and definately worth a visit. I f we go to Germany again this area is a definate place to re visit as there is so many roads with similar shapes and views.
Road 4/5 Stretch 3/5 Destination 5/5 Scenery 5/5 Traffic 4/5 84%

Best road of 2004 and 2007
 A18 Ramsey - Douglas, Mountain Section - I.O.M
 13 miles of the Mountain section of the Isle of Man TT course. The A18 takes you over the mountains through the Goose neck, Black Hut, Bungalow,Windy Corner and past Kates Cottage and other  famous landmarks. The unrestricted sign means unrestricted so you can see three figure speeds without expecting a ticket. The whole Island is biker freindly.Beware, tourists used to 70-80 mph travel much faster and get it wrong  which could end in tragedy. As you would expect the tarmac is smooth with no cats eyes sticking up in the middle of the road. Its best ridden on Mad Sunday when there is no oncomming traffic. See our video
  Road 5/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 4/5 Scenery 4/5 Traffic 2/5 80%
Windy Corner

A488 Shrewsbury - Penybont, Shropshire-Wales
32 miles. We call this the Hope Valley run, the road twists up the valley and the hill through the village of Hope, straightens out for a few miles before going through Bishops Castle and onto Clun where theres a good place for a rest along side Clun Castle. The road then climbs over a few hills and reaches Knighton. Cross a staggered junction and re join the A488 through Monaughty until it reaches the A44 at Penybont. Very little traffic use these roads on a sunny Sunday morning.
Road 4/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 3/5 Scenery 4/5 Traffic 4/5 81%

Best road of 2005
B4391 - Pen Craig - Bala, Mountain Road, Wales
The B4391 over the Mountain to Bala has been a EDSBK favourite for a number of years. When we first discovered the B4391 it had just been re tarmaced and was race track smooth. The road starts in the village of Pen Craig, climbs the mountain, has a few hairpins and swoops up and down and a couple of cattle grids. Watch out for sheep on the road and the Police sometimes hide along the wooded section.
Road 4/5 Stretch 4/5 Destination 4/5 Scenery 4/5 Traffic 4/5 80%

259 - Faid - Cochem, Germany, Black Forest
 5.7 km a long swooping downhill very fast, big lean angles, long corners, excellent views not to be seen when riding though, good parking area with view over Mosel and Cochem Castle. The road is wide which is good as it sees quite a lot of traffic. Recommended by Sliders Guest House. Just as good to go back up again.
Road 4/5 Stretch 3/5 Destination 3/5 Scenery 5/5 Traffic 3/5   72%

View from the Car Park of
Cochem Castle and the Mosel

B1257  - Helmsley - Stokesley, North Yorkshire
6 km. This road was a recommended road from a few bike mags, so as we were in the area we gave it a go. For the first few miles its not to special but then you go around a corner one way into a corner the other way, which went on for a good few miles. Unfortunately we were stuck behind a Log wagon,a Tractor and lots of other traffic on the day we went.
 Road 4/5 Stretch 4/5 Destination 3/5 Scenery 3/5 Traffic 3/5    68%

A489 - Lydham - Craven Arms, Shropshire
 The A489 is an 8 mile stretch of road running from Craven Arms towards Wales. This is a personal favourite of mine, consisting of sweeping and tight bends good overtaking places, some nice open areas and some parts following the edge of the hills and the edge of the river. It carries a fair amount of traffic, but it is hardly a problem to pass it.When you arrive at Lydham, which ever direction you choose to go will be another good road to keep you entertained.
Road 4/5 Stretch 4/5 Destination 3/5 Scenery 3/5 Traffic 3/5 68%

 A456 - Bewdley - Tenbury, Shropshire     See Video
  The A456 runs from Bewdley to Tenbury and is 17.8 miles long. Its got a good mix of corners and straights and evevation changes. The road gets heavy traffic during week days, but weekends and evenings its mostly local traffic and pheasants. This road is one of Jons favourites and he is always in the mood for a ride along there.
(I am sure thats where most of the splatterd flies on his bike, once resided!)
Road 4/5 Stretch 5/5 Destination 2/5 Scenery 3/5 Traffic 3/5 67%

 Where possible our routes start from Bridgnorth.
 A good place for a pre ride coffee and meeting place is:- 
Quatford Food Stop Cafe. WV15 6RJ

The Mid Wales best roads Circuit
 225 miles around some of our ultimate roads, not a boring bit on it. It can be lengthened by 20 miles if you go via Towyn instead of the A487 at Machynlleth.

Full Wales Circuit
605 miles taking in Anglesey aswell. Nearly all the best roads covered.

A826,A827,A85,A84 - Dunkeld -Doune Scotland

European Tour
2400 Miles takes in:- ideally 7 days
Ferry crossing from Southampton, Le Mans Race Circuit, Milau Bridge, Monaco racing Circuit, Stevio Pass, Nurburgring and Euro tunnel return to UK.

Race Circuits open to the public

Olivers Mount road race circuit, Scarborough
Olivers mount is the only natural road race circuit in England and the home of Cock Of the North, and The Gold Cup. We have been there twice and done a few laps of the circuit when its not been used as a race track. The circuit is 2.4 miles long, has a 30mph speed limit, has 3 hairpin bends a steep climb also used for hillclimbs, a decent, and 2 long straights. We enjoyed the layout and have a couple of videos on our youtube channel of the circuit.

Circuit of Spa Francorchamps, 1960s layout. Belgium
part of the 1960s track
 Stay in Malmedy, for this one, as the Spa circuit is just up the road.
 The new F1 circuit is made from part of the old 1960s track and is in the way to stop you doing a full lap of the 14km 1960s version, atleast when the track is in use as it was when we were there. The new circuit is open to visitors and we went and had a look around the grandstands and the pits.
Banked curve
 The old circuit is used by local traffic as it links the towns of Spa Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot. There was one banked corner just outside Stavelot which was the only pupose built part of the circuit. The Track was a big triangle so had lots of long straights and just a few corners. We enjoyed it though, just dont follow the sat nav where it says ''route de la Spa'' as it means road to Spa, not the route of the old Spa circuit as Jon thought.

Trackside at latest Spa layout

The Nordschleife - Nurburgring, Germany
 Described as the Green Hell,Jackie Stewert. We have been 3 times now, each time is gets more busy than the last. Its both an amazing place and dangerous place you could want to go. Amazing for what it is, an ex Grandprix circuit as it was when the F1 cars used to thunder around it, a one way toll road without a speed limit, a clearway with no stopping and a blast through some georgious German scenery, not that you get time to look at it. Dangerous for anything or anybody can go on there if they pay the toll. Fully kitted out race cars, bikes, buses, vans there all on there doing different speeds and mostly driven by nutters. We found best to travel over on a Sunday just watch from the hotel Sunday evening and have a go Monday when the weekenders have gone home, then the track is much better.
 Everytime we have been the track has been closed for a serious/deadly accident and every lap I have done, I have seen cars crashed at the side of the circuit, so beware.
 Top Gear did the 10 minute challenge around there. On a bike its bloomin hard to time it as the start point for the timed lap is the first bridge, where you can already be travelling over 125mph so its not easy to press a button at that speed or to even see your clock built in the  speedo as the bikes bouncing around and the corner approaches, likewise to indicate the end of the lap is a banner accross the track where we were upto 140mph, so we dont know how fast we did it in.
 The officials dont like closing the circuit, loud exhausts, timing equipment or video cameras and will ask you to remove them or leave. If you do have an off, there is a large bill awaiting you and your bike insurance does not cover you for this.
 When you do get a good lap you will pull up on the carpark with a huge grin and want to go again, so take lots of money as its 22 euros a lap.

The Sudschleife
 Few people realise the Nurburgring used to be alot bigger. There was 3 parts to the circuit, The Nordschleife (North Loop) The Sudschleife (Southern Loop) and a bit joining them in the middle where the pits were.
 The Sudschleife was destroyed to make way for the new GP circuit, but some parts still remain so we went to have a look. The circuit starts as the new road that takes you down the hill to Mullenbach past some camp sites and after a mile you can see on the right the old circuit is running alongside. We went through an opened gate and onto the old circuit as it climbed back up towards a quarry, under a bridge which holds the new GP circuit and back towards the carparks where we started.
 It was nice to see, especially when you consider how close the trees were to the track and say we have been around it.

Isle of Man TT Circuit - On the Isle of Man, UK   See Video

 The Isle of Man is the mecca for any UK motorcyclist. If you own a bike you must put the TT circuit on your bucket list.
 We have been twice, once to watch the racing and once for a look around the island.
The best part of riding on the Isle of man was, at the time, very few speed limits. At the unrestricted sign, it means exactly that, you can go as fast as you want too. It is also the worst thing as it claims many lives as people from the UK who are not used to travelling at these high speeds on single carriageways with oncoming traffic and the usual road hazards, get it wrong. I lost a freind here a few years ago for that very reason.
 However the 15miles stretch of the mountain section was the best fun I had ever had at the time on a motorbike. The full course is just over 35 miles, fuel is more than the UK and 2 laps and a good thrashing sees the tank almost empty! Excellent Fun

The EVO Triangle  - test track

 Not to be confused with our own Ashwood Triangle or the more famous Bermuda Triangle, the Evo Triangle is so named as its the test route that Evo magazine is said to use when doing a car test. As far as we know no one has gone missing when entering the triangle and all our electrical devices still functioned when we were in the area. Lots of car clubs use the route which covers about 20 miles, 3 roads and a village. We joined the route at the village of Cerrigydrudion and followed the twisty B4501 to the twisty but busy A543 then back along the straight A5. Heading in an anticlockwise loop of this circuit, starting from the village the B4501 has some great bends as it climbs its way up through the trees towards the lake. The time we went the local council had recently laid some chippings over the tarmac, so our cornering was without much pace for a few miles, or a few more KMs. The road straightens out before joining the A543. Everything became busy as we went along the A543, but again the road was good in places with some nice sets of open sweeping bends which provided some smiles. Unfortunately the boring straight A5 is the sober friend at the party, offering nothing, no beer, no pumping tunes or dancing girls, nothing to make you smile,  or talk about! Well apart from a petrol station.


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