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Road Trips

    2004 - Isle of Man
    2005 - Lakes in Wales
    2006 - Nurburgring
    2007 - Isle of Man TT
    2008 - Koblenz,Nurburgring/Spa
    2009 - Scarborough - Edinburgh
    2010 - Cochem, Rurburg and Nurburgring
    2011 - Scarborough and Lake District
    2012 - Galloway and the Lake District
    2013 - Schwarzwald Hochstrasse  B500 Germany and Nurburgring
    2014 - Galloway
    2015 - Switzerland, St Bernards Pass - Wales
    2016 - France Jura Mountains
    2017 - France Tarn Gorge - Millau Bridge
    2018 - Planning ******

    2015 Switzerland

    Date:- 12th - 17th July 2015
    Weather:- 6 Hot Days 29-37 degrees
    Hotel:- Business Park Hotel - Geneva
    Miles:-1900, 1560 in a van
    Fuel Cost:- 1.20 approx
    EDSBK Riders:- Phill, Col
    Aim:- To ride in the Swiss Alps
     At the 2014 bikeshow we met bikeshuttle, so we tried to book a week in the Swiss Alps using their services, but it was going to cost too much. We liked the idea so hired a van and did the trip saving a few hundred pounds. Riding in Italy, France and Switzerland we discovered some amazing roads and scenery. Even saw snow in July.  Click here to find out more.

    2014 Galloway A702

    Date:- 5th July - 8th July 2014
    Weather:- 4 dry days, occasional drizzle
    Hotels:- Buccleuch Arms - Moffat
    Miles:- 811.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 1.26p to 1.36p a ltr (8 petrol stations)
    EDSBK Riders:- Phill,Col,Jon and Rich
    Aim:- To ride the Dalveen Pass A702
    We decided as we had unfinished business still over the boarder of Scotland that we would return to the area and try to get a dry ride along the A702. The section of road we wanted was the part that ran between A74 and A76, which winds its way through the mountains, we had 4 attempts did we do it?. Click here to find out more.

    2013 Schwarzwald Hochstrasse  B500 Germany

    Date:- 30th June - 6th July 2013
    Weather:- 6 dry days, 1 raining
    Hotels:- Ashford Travellodge, Pension Williams, Sliders Guest House
    Miles:- 1563.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 1.36p to 1.46p a ltr (17 petrol stations)
    EDSBK Riders:- Phill,Col,Jon & Rich
    Ride around the Black Forest area especially along the legendary B500, then travel north to do laps of the Nordschleife.
    2013 Road Trip
    We decided as 2012 had been a washout to go abroard, and explore somewhere new. As Col had had a new bike and Rich had not been there before Col wanted to tag the Nurburgring onto the trip, unfortunately, not all went to plan during that part.


    2012 Galloway and Cumbria

    Date:- 8th - 12th July 2012
    Weather:- 1 dry days, 4 raining
    Hotels:- The Buccleuch Arms (Moffat) / Sundial Guest house (Kendal)
    Miles:- 860.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 1.36p to 1.39p a ltr (8 petrol stations)
    EDSBK Riders:- Phill,Col,Jon & Rich
    Ride the best roads around Galloway, visit a Scottish Castle, have another go along the A686 Hartside pass and explore the area in search of more ultimate roads.
    We decided as we had enjoyed the lake district in 2011 to return and explore the area to the south as we had not tested any roads down there, also Galloway has featured in articles I've read in the past so I thought why not combine the two areas into 1 trip.

    St.Marys Loch


    2011 Scarborough - Kendal
    Date:- 9th - 13th July 2011
    Weather:- 4 dry days, 1 raining
    Hotels:- Rosedene (Scarborogh) / Sundial Guest house (Kendal)
    Miles:- 770.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 1.34p to 1.39p a ltr (7 petrol stations)

    EDSBK Riders:- Phill,Col,Jon
    Aim:- Lap the Olivers Mount road racing circuit in Scarborogh,

     ride along the B1257, see the Buttertubs,
    ride along the A686 to Hartside cafe,
     and ride one of the steepest roads in England over the Hardknott pass.

    Click here to read about the 2011 trip 

    2010 Cochem, Rurburg and Nurburgring

    Date:- 7th - 12th Aug 2010
    Weather:- 2 wet days, 2 dull days, 2 sunny.
    Hotels:- Travelodge Ashford / Sliders Guest House
    Miles:- 1300.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 1.18p to 1.24p a ltr (14 petrol stations)

    EDSBK Riders:- Phill,Col,Jon
    Aim:- Lap the Nordschliefe and Südschleife,
     visit Cochem Castle, ride some new roads.

    After the laps of the Nordschleife
    Click here to read about the 2010 trip
    2009 Scarborough - Edinburgh
    Date:- 10th - 14th Aug 2009
    Weather:- 3 dull days, 2 sunny.
    Hotels:- Rosedene Hotel Scarborough / Travelodge Livingston
    Miles:- 1000.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 102p
    im:- Lap the Olivers Mount Course and Visit Edinburgh.
    Click here to read about our 2009 road trip


    2008 Koblenz,Norschliefe and Spa

    View of the Rhine from Marksburg Castle

    Date:- 9th Aug 2008
    Weather:- Mostly sunny spells and some rain
    Hotel:- Ashford Travelodge/Hotel an der Nordschleife/The Blacksmiths Malmedy.
    Miles:- 1350 approx.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 97p
    Aim:- Lap the Nordsleife, Lap Spa 1960s GP Circuit, Marksburg Castle.

    2007  Isle of Man Centenary
    Date:- May / June 2007
    Weather:- 3 dull day, 2 sunny.
    Hotel:- Our own tents pitched on Douglas Rugby Club
    Miles:- 500 approx.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 96p
    Aim:- Lap the TT curcuit, watch the TT races.
    Click here to read more about the 2007 road trip

    2006 The Nordschleife

    Date:- 5th August 2006
    Weather:- 1 dull day, 4 sunny.
    Hotel:- Hotel an der Nordschliefe
    Miles:- 1250 approx.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 80p
    Aim:- Lap the Norschleife and visit Burg Eltz.


    2005 Lake Vynwy, Bala and Harlech


    Date:- April 2005, May 2005 and Sept 2005
    Weather:-both hot and sunny.
    Hotel:- N/R
    Miles:- 200, 220.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 81p
    Aim:- Visit Lake Vynwy ,Harlech Castle and Barmouth.
    Trip 1. Visit lake Vynwy
    Trip 2. Visit lake Bala
    Trip 3. Traveled to Wales Tour of Castle and went to Barmouth. Returned Home in10hrs


    2004 The Isle of Man

    Date:- 21st-24th JUly 2004
    Weather:- 3 dull days, 1 sunny.
    Hotel:- Santon Motel
    Miles:- 440 land, 150 sea.
    Fuel cost per litre:- 79p
    Aim:- Lap the TT Course.


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