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Dyno Run

  When a group of us get together we often get round to talking about the power of our motorbikes. Its been on the cards for a few months to go and do a Dyno run over at Projex in Cradley. Col booked us in and myself and Col went over. Matt, Jon and Rich all have plans to give it a go.....one day!
Black Blade    vs    Red Blade

  It was our first outing on the bikes of 2015, bad weather had scuppered any plans on all other weekends so a short run to Cradley sounded like a good plan.
 I arrived at Col's to find his bike on the drive gleaming after an earlier wash. We set off to Cradley with a petrol stop required as we thought fresh petrol would help produce more power out of the engine. I have always been a fan of Shell petrol and as coincidence had it that was the fuel the garage was selling. We pumped the tyres up so that both the bikes were the same.

  We arrived at Projex and the guys there started to get interested when they saw two identical model Honda CBR1000rr Fireblade's that have the same exhaust system and with similar mileage, so the competition started. Its the Black Blade  vs  the Red Blade.

  We checked online what the bike produced from new.......172BHP at the crank.
Kev told us to add about 11% to the reading we were going to get as his machine measures BHP at the wheel.

  Col's Black Fireblade got strapped in and then he put the bike through its paces, doing the same test 3 times. Then the average would be worked out. Kev had lots of good things to say about the power delivery and how smoothe it was running.

  When he was done the printer fired up and printed a graph with the number we wanted to see............
Black Blade....149.4BHP  add 11% is 165.8BHP approx at the crank a loss of 6.2BHP in 10 years. Not bad...

  We had a cup of coffee and Col told me with a grin over his mug, he had sneakily put the higher octane petrol in at the garage.  I felt robbed, how was my bike going to compete with that? We mentioned it to Kev who told us it wont make a noticable difference so the competition was back on.

 My bike was strapped in and Kev started run 1, he shouted that he thought Cols felt slightly smoother at low revs. Again I thought the Black Blade was getting all the good vibes.
 Run 1 done and Kev hid the screen.Run 2 he came off shaking his head and Run 3 and the printer fired up, we waited.........
Red Blade....152.62BHP  add 11% is 169.4BHP approx at the crank a loss of 2.5BHP in 10 years.

  Obviously it would be wrong of me not to bring this up from time to time : )

 It seems people spend lots of money to make the bikes have more power, when really unless your a racer your not going to see much benefit on a Sunday morning ride. So if you want a faster bike than your mates for the road and leave money in your pocket, gain some teeth on the back cog.

If / When any of the others give it a go, I will add it to the competition.

If you have done a Dyno run and want to add it to our site, contact me here for details. 

Watch / hear our dyno test video here:-


Col's   Honda CBR 1000rr Fireblade 2004 - 149.4 BHP          lost 6.2BHP
Phill's Honda CBR 1000rr Fireblade 2004 - 152.62 BHP         lost 2.5BHP
Mark's Kawasaki ZX10R 2004                   -  152.43 BHP        lost 11.8BHP


Chiller tek said...

Both bikes curves are almost identical, just a couple of bhp between them.
Nice one.

Biker Malaysia said...

Not very much different but having almost the same power delivery.

BikeTuna said...

Good power from them both for the age, are they stock or tuned?

Phill said...

both stock, but both with scorpion exhausts and only 1500 miles between them.

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